AI and Algorithm

You hear a lot these days about the power of AI. Starting with the symbolic win of Deep Blue beating the world’s best chess player Kasparov in 1994, AI has shown us time and again that it can surpass human intelligence in a limited task-specific field.

DeepMind’s algorithm now easily beats humans at GO or Poker. Some algorithms such as Watson surpass humans in diagnosing diseases. It is expected that Strong AI, or True AI that can perceive, reason, and perform at least as well as humans if not better, will come out in a matter of time.

History of advertising

History of advertising can be traced as far back as ancient Rome. However, the modern sense of the word advertising was born in the early 19th century, with concepts of brand images, saturation campaigns, and market research introduced by Thomas J. Barratt. An even greater change was followed by the rise of the internet, and not surprisingly, AI is becoming ever so important factor in the field of advertising.

The online advertising landscape is being significantly influenced by AI, mainly in performance and spend optimization, and audience targeting. Gaining a better understanding of the importance of AI in advertising and its implication for business will be a key factor in successful advertising in the future.

How the algorithm can help Amazon sellers

Major brands around the world are beginning to use advanced algorithms for advertising. They use advanced algorithms to intelligently identify and target segments, make creative ads, test variations, improve performance and optimize spends — automatically, instantly and at a large scale.

This has profound implications for sellers and brands selling on Amazon as well. Perhaps the most important part to understand is that algorithms excel at analyzing huge amounts of data sets far better than human beings. In one of the most advanced cases, it manages ads from A to Z automatically. This includes doing multiple performance analysis, executing advertisement optimizations, and making decisions to assist you in achieving your goals.

Next steps?

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